The back of a garment is very often overlooked…most likely because we simply don’t see ourselves from the back unless we take the time to evaluate how a garment is expressed on the body from behind. In particular is the subject of the back in the exquisite book Back Side, dos à la mode, which is a fabulous compilation of photographic back side views in fashion which featured in an exhibition in Paris, France in 2019.

I have always loved seeing interesting and beautifully shaped garment back-sides, and especially love when the back exposes and expresses aspects of the shape, skin, and structure of the wearer’s back.

I am inspired to share this book source after seeing an instagram post by fellow couture enthusiast @abbymats where she features a fabulous couture vintage Pucci dress that she has been working on in which she shows the back side of this beautiful design.

#couturesewing #vintagepucci #handsewing #coutureinspirations  #fashionfrombehind

Hardback exhibition catalogue issue from Édition Paris Musées and available at

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