The Black Watch Sheath!

I’ve been so occupied with working on my couture studies that I neglected to post some photos of the result of my Black Watch tartan sheath dress. I wrote about this project in a previous post titled first muslin, but for the this post, to refresh the point that I was at in this process at that time, here is a photo of that muslin:

First muslin
Sheath dress in toile stage. Vogue pattern 8507

The following photos are the result of many many hours of work — hours and hours of working on the tartan pattern, not to mention all the hand sewing involved. (I LOVE hand-sewing!)

I’m very happy with the results, especially for a first couture method piece!

I’ve since worked on a couture skirt and am currently working on a second skirt (same pattern) and on a princess seamed 60’s vintage pattern top to go with this fabulous skirt (which I will share in other posts).

A MacQueen tartan is on its way direct from Scotland… yes, I can’t wait!! It’s for my current couture skirt project!



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