an era an image


I fell in love with this image… it reminds me of my dear grandmother. It looks to centre around the era of 1920’s – 40’s. My grandmother wore cloche hats, and as a child I fancied she had a myterious ambiance whenever she wore one of her many felt hats. She sewed most of her wardrobe on an old Singer pedal machine, and it was on that machine that I made my first attempts at mechanical stitching – I was eight years old.

As to the above image, it comes from a greeting card. I am a collector of greeting cards. I purchase cards with images that remind me of eras, people, places, and situations. This card of a hatted woman (titled: A Day Out) was produced from a painting by Irish artist A. Magill. You can see more of her works here 

My grandmother’s wedding photo, circa 1920’s

Antoinette Brûlé
Mémère Brûlé

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